Construction and Mining

In labor-intensive industries, like construction and mining, finding ways to reduce overall costs, minimize injuries and emphasize safety, while increasing operational efficiencies, is the goal of many an operator. UAS can monitor stockpiles, track equipment, assess project progress, map prospective or pending sites, all with the convenience, accuracy and efficiency only drones can provide.

With BST’s proprietary Mission Planning Software, project managers and mine engineers can program BST’s small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) in minutes to identify the area under review and then begin collecting data for immediate analysis and decision making. With its intuitive interface, flight planning is simple and easy to accomplish. Mission monitoring and mapping is all done from a handheld Android Tablet loaded with BST’s SwiftTab software.

Volumetric Map

sUAS Benefits

  • Safety: No longer are surveyors or employees exposed to the dangers inherent of being in a pit for survey purposes. The sUAS captures the data sets enabling survey-grade accuracy without risk to your employees.
  • Cost: sUAS can monitor, track, and manage key aspects of your operation in a fraction of the time it takes using more traditional methods. The cost benets result in improved protability and operational eciencies. UAS let you spend more time monitoring and managing your sites versus travelling between sites.
  • Accuracy: A sUAS can perform stockpile and volumetric calculations with centimeter accuracy in hours versus days or weeks (software-dependent). High-resolution, highly accurate, and georeferenced aerial orthomosaic imagery provide a complete perspective of your sites and progress quicker and more accurately than traditional approaches.

Custom Engineering and Design

Our staff of engineers can customize a sUAS for your specific applications ensuring that you never have to compromise.

Our solutions meet the stringent requirements of our most demanding clients including NASA, NOAA, Dept. of Interior, and many academic institutions. Contact us to learn more.