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Section 333 Application Process
COA Application Process

Black Swift Technologies has a team of engineers that are experts at navigating the intricate FAA regulatory environment for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Our team has applied for and successfully received permission to legally operate UAS in the National Airspace through over 150 different approvals.

The approvals Certificates of Authorization and Section 333 Exemptions span numerous states, a variety of airframes, and 10 years of operational experience with UAS. Before creating Black Swift Technologies, the founders started building their extensive experience at the University of Colorado ( ) .

Black Swift Technologies maintains a working relationship with the FAA's Unmanned Systems Program Office to ensure that we can effectively handle any unique regulatory challenge that may come up.

What FAA Regulations Apply to Me?

Black Swift cannot make any guarantees, claims, quotes or reliable projections or estimates as to the timing of any given regulatory approval or denial. The FAA is very busy managing a backlog of COA Applications and 333 Petitions and is currently averaging responses to Petitions in anywhere from five months to one year. Law enforcement Petitions are generally handled by the FAA within 60 days.

With the current backlog of Petitions before the FAA, the lead time for receiving a Section 333 Grant of Exemption is approximately four to six months, and that is only if the FAA does not request further additional information of the UAS user or kick back a Petition based on format issues, which would further delay your operations. Utilizing Approved Flight for your Section 333 Petition, your application will benefit from our experiences with the FAA and their stringent Petition requirements.